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Living out school values

Wed, Mar 1st, 2023
Worth School

Awards were presented this week to pupils in Austin House who exemplify the School’s values in their everyday lives.

Worth has six core values which shape the way we live our lives and we believe these values are fundamental to the formation of who we become.

Austin, our Junior School House, held an assembly on Monday when certificates were awarded to reflect the six values: humility, silence, worship, community, stewardship, service.

Values awards are given out twice a year in Austin House. Housemistress Mrs Anna MacMahon said: “Our school values are the golden thread that run through everything we do. These awards are an opportunity to remind us of the importance of our school values and to strive to live up to them every day.”

There were four winners for each school value, two from Year 7 and two from Year 8.

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