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Library scheme makes books available to all

Tue, Dec 8th, 2020
Worth School

The School Library at Worth is an important resource for students and at the start of the Autumn Term we introduced a House Librarians scheme to ensure books were accessible to all despite the library being out of bounds to some due to Covid-19 restrictions.

House Librarians were appointed for each of the ten Houses, with the role of collecting ordered books from the library for fellow Housemates and returning them once they have been read. The scheme has been a success and two of our House librarians combined to write the following piece about their involvement …

"The Worth School Library Catalogue is a really useful resource in order to borrow books from the School Library and it is important to know how to use it properly. The library holds around 15,000 books but not all students know how to reserve a book online. As House Librarians, we decided to gather the girls in St Mary’s and show them how to use it properly.

"Our presentation took about 10 minutes and we showed them how to find the School Library Catalogue link on the Worth School website and how to log-in on their own computer. We then simulated a reservation of a book in order to prove how straightforward the whole process is. The girls really enjoyed the presentation and they all agreed that having an online school library catalogue is both a great idea and easy to use.

"At the end of our presentation we answered some questions. One concern was how to get the reserved books and how to return them (during the coronavirus pandemic). We assured them that it is the House Librarians who are in charge of bringing the reserved books to St Mary’s and later taking them back to library, using the ‘Library Reserved Books’ box and the ‘Returns’ box."