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Library planning a new collection of books

Mon, Nov 16th, 2020
Worth School

The school library is an excellent resource for students and a new collection of publications written by people connected to Worth will prove to be another source of education and enjoyment.

Librarian Mrs Esmé Mustian Atkinson is currently collating books written by current staff or parents plus former staff or students which will be made available to the School. Second Master Mr André Gushurst-Moore has recently had his second book – ‘Glory in All Things’ – published and copies of both of his books are now in the library to launch this collection.

Anyone with a connection to Worth who would be happy to donate a book they have had published should email library@worth.org.uk

From early 2022, there will be a new school library for the benefit of all students. The new £6.25million School Library and Sixth Form Study Centre is currently being completed.

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