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A Level success stories

Thu, Sep 8th, 2022
Worth School

Among an excellent set of A Level results for our students this summer, a number of them achieved A* and A grades across the board.

As a school, our overall pass rate continued on an upward trajectory from 2019, which was the last set of public examinations, and we would like to congratulate all students on their achievements.

Among the set of results, there were some outstanding individual success stories. We spoke to some of those students about their results, how Worth helped them, their time at the School and their plans for the future.

In the first of two articles, we feature three of those students. A second article will appear on this website on Tuesday 20 September when we share further success stories.


Which subjects did you take and what were your results? I took Economics, Politics and Maths and my results were three A* grades, as well as an A* in my EPQ.

How did you feel when you got your results? My initial reaction was relief that I had achieved the grades I needed for my university offer. I really enjoyed the subjects I took and was glad to see all my hard work had paid off.

How did Worth help you achieve those results? The teachers were instrumental in enabling my academic success, not just through the effort they put into lessons when teaching, but also by encouraging me to develop a real passion for my A Level subjects. The newly built Spencer Building also provided a calm environment for studying in the months of preparation before my exams.

How much have you enjoyed your time at Worth? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at the School over the past seven years and I have many happy memories from my years spent at Worth. The School provided an excellent co-curricular programme I could take part in, from music and sport to debating and ballroom dancing. Through these I formed some great friendships and learnt skills that I’m sure will benefit me for years to come.

What are you hoping to do next? I’m very excited to be taking up a place this October to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Trinity College, Oxford. In the long term, I’m hoping to pursue a career in Politics.


Which subjects did you take and what were your results? For A Levels I took Chemistry (A*), Biology (A) and Psychology (A), and the Extended Project Qualification (A*) investigating the Diet-Disease Relationship.

How did you feel when you got your results? Initially I was anxious because I received my results in the airport and wasn’t sure whether I would receive them before or after my flight. Luckily, I received them before and was both relieved and satisfied that my results reflected the work I had put in.

How did Worth help you achieve those results? The driven environment at Worth and consistent support provided by my subject teachers helped keep me focused and motivated. I’m grateful to have been challenged by my teachers throughout A Levels to work harder and strive for success, and strongly believe their own passion in the subject matter rubbed off on me and helped nurture my own interest in the content being taught.

How much have you enjoyed your time at Worth? I have loved being a part of the Worth community, and have thoroughly enjoyed taking advantage of the diverse spectra of co-curricular activities and sporting opportunities on offer. It’s been brilliant to see everyone develop and progress our own individual interests, and I will continue to cherish the many memories and experiences I have shared.

What are you hoping to do next? This year I will be taking a gap year to travel and join a volunteer programme focused on wildlife conservation, child education and medical aid in East Africa and South America. I will be applying to university this year, recently changing my desired course from Medicine to Chemical Engineering.


Which subjects did you take and what were your results? For my A Levels, I took Religious Studies, in which I received an A*, Psychology which I also achieved an A* and History in which I achieved an A. I also took an EPQ alongside my A levels and achieved an A*.

How did you feel when you got your results? When I received my results, I was relieved to know that I had got what I needed to get into my first choice of university. However, I was also surprised as my grades exceeded my predicted grades as well as my own expectations. Mostly I felt proud knowing that all the work and revision over the past two years had paid off, and the results I received were the reward for all the work I had to put in to achieve them.  

How did Worth help you achieve those results? I could not have achieved such results as I did without the excellent teaching from my teachers, it was their guidance and teaching that allowed me to ensure I was well prepared for the final exams. Thanks to my teachers the courses that I had in each subject were interesting and enjoyable, and they always did everything they could to help me. Both my year group and the facilities at Worth, such as the Spencer Building, helped me to work consistently and ensure that I was making the most of the resources Worth had to offer.

How much have you enjoyed your time at Worth? I have greatly enjoyed my time at Worth, from Year 9 to Year 13 I look back with fond memories. What I enjoyed most about Worth was Chapman House. From Year 9, myself and 16 other boys were confined to one study room, from GCSEs to A Levels for five years. My experience in Chapman made going to Worth a unique experience and gave me great friends and memories I will never forget. During my time at Worth, I was able to make the most of my opportunities, both in and outside the classroom. Finally, the community at Worth made my experience far more enjoyable, from matron, my Housemaster and my teachers to my peers, from the sports pitches to the Abbey I can honestly say I have had a great five years at Worth and I am sad to be leaving.

What are you hoping to do next? I am now going to study Ancient History at the University of Exeter. My aim is to then complete a Law conversion course. In the future, I hope to work as a corporate lawyer in a city law firm. However, whatever I do, I will not forget the time I spent at Worth. 

We wish all of our 2022 leavers the very best for the future.

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