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Lego Robotics Club

Worth School

You will be using the Lego Mindstorms set to design and build robots using a variety of technical components including gears, sensors, wheels. There are four robots that can be built from this set, including a colour sorter, puppy, gyro boy and robot arm. Once you have decided on the robot you wish to build, you will have the opportunity to build your creation as a team – this will require good communication, collaboration and problem solving skills to ensure that your robot is built perfectly prior to beginning the programming process.

Once your robots have been built, you will have the opportunity to programme your robot. You will be using the EV3 software and EV3 programming app which you will use to make your Lego robot perform different tasks. For example, the aim of the puppy is to keep him happy; he can be programmed to move in and out of eight different behaviours, including happy, angry, playful, sleeping and hungry.

As you gain experience in building and programming the models, you will be able to use more complex computer coding and engineering concepts to modify the design and behaviour of your robots.