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Learning about Worth's history

Wed, Sep 8th, 2021
Worth School

Worth’s connection with The Sound of Music, its involvement with the D-Day landings during World War Two and how a Benedictine community was established on the estate provided some of the history pupils learnt about last week.

Year 9 pupils were taken on a ‘Worth Walk’ last Thursday. The idea was to introduce them to the history of the School and to make them think about what difference they will make to the place.

The walk taught pupils about stewardship, one of the six values which underpin community life at Worth. Those six values are fundamental to the formation of who we become as people, which is why we place them at the centre of the education at Worth.

As for the connection with The Sound of Music film? Robert Whitehead was a former owner of the estate and the inventor of the first self-propelled torpedo. His granddaughter, Agathe Whitehead, was the first wife of Georg von Trapp and the mother to his children. Captain von Trapp remarried after her death and became famous as the patriarch of the von Trapp Family Singers who were portrayed in the semi-fictional film.

Some pupils are pictured by a sign for the Whitehead Room.

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