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Parents delighted with refurbished refectory

Ahead of Family Mass last Saturday, parents were invited to enjoy refreshments in the refurbished refectory and they served up some lovely comments about how delighted they are with the changes. “Just like a restaurant,” said one parent, although “wow” seemed to be the most usual first comment.

Over the summer a refurbishment of the refectory has taken place including new furnishings, new crockery and cutlery, a new and more efficient approach to servery and a fabulous new menu. Windows have also been replaced and the heating upgraded, there is some stylish lighting and seating, a new floor and a specially commissioned mural which is an eye-catching addition to a wonderfully revamped area.

Designers set out to create an experience that is bright, welcoming and one that encourages positive social interaction. Judging from the parents’ reactions, they have succeeded.

To see the new menus, please click here.