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Worth is widely known for the quality of its outstanding pastoral care which is founded in respect for the dignity of each child and an appreciation of the stage each is at in his/her development. We accompany children with compassion when adolescence throws up challenge and seek to support them in developing resilience.

Our pupils develop resilience that is centred on living well in community and reaching out to others. Our strong House system, with Years 7 and 8 in their Austin House-based tutor groups, provides a smaller group within the school for pupils to find home. It enables each pupil to be well known within Austin House, by House staff and other pupils, and encouraged to develop into their best self.

Through the School Council, Food Council, House Councils, Pupil Safeguarding Group and the Pupil Social Committee, our Year 7 and 8 pupils are encouraged to let their voices be heard and to play an active part in shaping school life. Even our youngest pupils can be leaders as part of the Austin House Junior Prefect Team, seeing their views on House development become a reality. Some Sixth Form Prefects have specific responsibilities to support the youngest pupils, and they receive top-quality leadership training through an externally provided Leadership and Management course endorsed by the Chartered Management Institute.

When mistakes are made, our approach to discipline is founded on reflection, reparation and restoration. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on the impact of their actions and to take steps to build better relationships. Pupils at Worth know that they can have conversations with staff, and that they will be listened to and taken seriously by adults who care about them.

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