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An IB Diploma success story

Fri, Oct 14th, 2022
Worth School

Worth was delighted with this summer’s IB Diploma examination results, with one third of our students gaining a points average in excess of 40 points and our average score increasing for a fourth successive year.

A score of 38 or more in the IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate) is the equivalent to five A grades at A Level.

Among an excellent set of results, there were some particularly impressive success stories. We spoke to one student, Cezary Wystup, about his results which will enable him to take up a place at Cambridge University.

What IB score did you achieve? My score in the IBDP was 43 points, with 7s in my HL subjects: Maths A&A, Physics and Chemistry.

How did you feel when you got your results? I was thrilled when I first saw the grades. Achieving these results was an exciting wrap-up of my stay at Worth.

How did Worth help you achieve those results? I am grateful for the space and comfort that the School provided me for my Sixth Form adventure. The amazing commitment of all my teachers really made this experience extraordinary for me.

How much have you enjoyed your time at Worth? I truly believe that Worth enriched the perspectives from which I look at the world and at the people around me. I hope it made me a better person.

What are you doing now? The next step in my life is a gap year. I am working as a Maths and Chemistry tutor, helping other IB students achieve their dream result. In 2023 I am starting a Chemical Engineering course at University of Cambridge.

Worth is one of the UK’s top schools for the IB Diploma, having offered it as a Sixth Form option since 2022.

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