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A great vision

Wed, Oct 12th, 2022
Worth School

“It’s a great vision and it is amazing to be part of the process.” In the first of a series of features on the work of the Mission Team at Worth, we talk to one of the Forerunners.

The Forerunners are a team of youth ministers, who work with pupils at Worth under the guidance of Director of Mission, Dan Harris. Here we asked Gabriel Gazdik about what drew him to Worth, what the Forerunners do and why their work is so important.

Where were you before you came to Worth? Prior to coming to Worth School, I worked at various settings, mostly in care with young adults and in a school for autistic children. I am grateful for all the jobs that I’ve had over the years, as all the interactions and skills made me the person I am today.

What do you do within the Forerunners team? This year we are pioneering extending the Forerunner mission to another school – St Paul`s Catholic College in Burgess Hill. I am helping the school Chaplain three days a week with different areas of Chaplaincy work: supporting Mass for individual year groups, whole School Mass, Feast days, pastoral care, planning/delivering the Alpha course, prayer reflections.

Why is the work of the Forerunners important? This type of work is important not only for Forerunners, but all Christians. All of us are called to share the message of the gospel. We are lucky that are able to do it as part of our role here and learn so much along the process. It's a huge privilege to witness that fruits of the work.

What is your best moment of the week? I really enjoy when I get to share a meaningful conversation with somebody, some quality time, a genuine connection. That`s what makes life worth it. Those simple moments count.

Tell me something interesting about yourself… I have so many interests, but perhaps my favourite are photography and cars. I enjoy driving and I once drove a car worth one million pounds. That was very special. And no, it wasn`t a supercar. You don`t need to go 270mph or go into space to feel special.

Thinking about the work of the Forerunners, what stands out Worth from other schools? Our mission here is quite unique. We have the privilege to continue a visionary work that started here seven years ago with aspiration and potential to be able to influence chaplaincy and youth ministry work at schools nationally. It’s a great vision and it is amazing to be part of the process.

In three quick soundbites, how do the Forerunners help students: Everyone is welcome; come and see; we care.