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A fun start to the school year

Mon, Sep 6th, 2021
Worth School

Pupils had a fun and engaging start to the academic year as they enjoyed two days of ‘Worth Week’ activities.

A wide-ranging programme included House icebreakers and challenges, tutor group get-togethers, House Olympics and estate wide games, an introduction to the School’s six values (humility, silence, worship, community, stewardship and service), a discussion about the school charities and an interactive quiz/pizza night for boarders. The inter-House tug-of-war competition provided particular fun.

The idea of the two-day programme was to allow pupils to engage in creative experiences with teachers and peers, to learn to spend time together, develop new skills and interests and through these create that sense of belonging which is so important for everyone at the School. It was also an opportunity to introduce new pupils to the character of the school.

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