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Worth School

Deepening the sense of who we are and who we are called to be.

The relationships between pupils of different ethnic and religious backgrounds are exemplary. ISI Inspection Report

Our ecumenical provision and other faiths

Worth is a Catholic school but it is also a diverse community with pupils and staff from a wide array of church backgrounds and other religions. We have a formal partnership with St John’s Anglican Church in Crawley which enables pupils and staff from other church backgrounds to engage with their faith. As well as having an Anglican Forerunner who accompanies these students, they are also able to receive Anglican communion and partake in programmes such as confirmation. The optional prayer experiences at Wednesday Worship are cross-denominational, and even in the case of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, it is regularly made clear that if a non-Catholic would like to go and talk to the priest they are more than welcome to do so.

While there is no specific provision for other faiths, Worth is sensitive to people’s religious beliefs through our inclusive approach. We will always seek to enable students to explore their faith at the level they are at.

Every pupil, whether they have a religious faith or not, should leave Worth with a deeper sense of who they are and who they are called to be, with the ability to reflect on their lives and how they might make a positive difference in society. One of the main ways in which we develop this is through our weekly worship services held in the Abbey Church, which enable us to reflect on our lives and how we might make a positive difference in society. Further to this weekly experience, the Chaplaincy team made up of both youth ministers and monks, can be found at the heart of the school community and offers hospitality and friendship to all who seek it.

Who are the Chaplaincy Team?

The Chaplaincy is led by the Director of Mission and comprises a team of youth ministers and monastic chaplains. The Forerunner team is a community of young adults who provide vibrant and engaging youth ministry to our pupils and staff by providing opportunities to encounter God and seek Him further. A team of monastic chaplains from Worth Abbey also provide sacramental and pastoral support to the School.

What does the Chaplaincy do?

Worth School Expedition of Faith
We recognise that students can engage with faith through three main ways: prayer; community and outreach. At Worth we refer to these elements as “Up/In/Out” whereby we can explore a relationship with Jesus Christ, become connected with fellow pupils and reach out to those in need. We also recognise that faith is an expedition and that every pupil will be on a different stage of the journey when they arrive at Worth. In light of this we seek to enable every pupil to explore their faith in an unpressurised manner and pursue the journey, should they want to, through the following steps (click below).

Wednesday Worship (whole school): The summit of the school week where we are renewed in our faith and experience a source of encouragement through visiting speakers, a half-termly mass and optional prayer experiences.

Oasis (Years 7 to 9): A safe place to eat together, have fun and explore faith with older students in small groups on a weekly basis.

Outreach (Years 9+): Numerous opportunities for outreach are offered, both in the timetable and outside of it, including homeless and primary school outreach and helping the elderly.

Faith and Reason Course (Sixth Form): A course which takes Sixth Form students on a journey of the Catholic faith through art, ethics, literature, business and music.

House prayers (whole school): Facilitated on a daily basis by the Chaplaincy team and house staff.

Mission Week (Years 10 to 13): A yearly opportunity for pupils to step back from daily school life and be refreshed in spirituality, through visiting speakers, workshops and prayer experiences.

Prayer Room (whole school): An open and creative space of prayer and encounter held once or twice a year.

Charities (whole school): On average, more than £30,000 is raised for charities each year.

Oasis Leadership (Years 10+): Senior students are intentionally trained to accompany the younger pupils and facilitate the Oasis sessions.

Confirmation and Retreat (Year 10): Preparation to receive the final sacrament of initiation into the Church. A key element of confirmation preparation which enables students to deepen their faith.

Choir (whole school): An opportunity to sing liturgical music on a regular basis at Worth, around the UK and abroad.

Altar Serving (whole school): A team dedicated to serving during school liturgies and on Sundays.

Pilgrimages (Years 10+): Popular pilgrimages include trips to Taizé and Lourdes with the OMV and Diocesan Red Shirts.

House Lectio (Years 9+): Opportunities for students to pray the scriptures in a small group with a monastic chaplain or Forerunner.

Identity Magazine (Years 10+): Student led, student run and student produced biannual publication.

Sacraments (whole school): Preparation to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion and Reconciliation.

Mentoring (Years 10+): Senior students can receive mentoring to help them with their spiritual journey and leadership.

Craig Lodge Retreat (Years 10+): This is a retreat to the Craig Lodge House of Prayer in the Scottish Highlands, which is the home of Mary’s Meals, one of the School’s main charities.

Chaplaincy Pre-Reps and Reps: Year 11 and Sixth Form students can take on a number of spiritual leadership positions in the School including the Common Home Committee, Student Liturgy team, House Chaplaincy reps and prefects.