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The inspiration for our way of life at Worth School comes directly from The Rule of St Benedict. The fact that Benedict’s spirituality is designed for community living makes it readily adaptable to school life. St Benedict puts Christ at the centre of his thinking, the Christ who is encountered in our neighbour, especially in the weak and marginalised. 

Worth welcomes its pupils into a Christ-centred community to form them in humility.

Community life and worship could be described as the twin pillars of the Rule of St Benedict upon which everything else stands. The key purpose of a Benedictine school is to help students and staff to live out the Gospel not as isolated individuals but as members of a community. The Rule seeks to balance the needs of the individual and of the community. Benedict’s ideal is that of interdependence.

St Benedict also believes that through prayer and worship we come closer to God and at the same time we also become more alive, more human and as a result closer to each other. The key challenge for the Chaplaincy team is to awaken students, staff and parents to an awareness of God’s presence in their lives and to help them to enter into a life-giving relationship with the Trinity. An integral part of this process will be the discovery of Christ’s presence in each other.

Pupils and staff are able to derive inspiration from our Six Values:

  • Humility – keep your feet on the ground
  • Silence – listen more than you talk 
  • Worship – have an attitude of gratitude
  • Community – choose Community
  • Stewardship – leave it better than you found it
  • Service – serve your heart out

We are a Roman Catholic school but we also respect the beliefs of other Christian traditions and welcome pupils from different backgrounds.

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