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Faith & Values

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Worth School

Values are fundamental to the formation of who we become.

We believe that our values provide a firm foundation for education which, without it, could be reduced to a mere set of skills to be applied to the workaday world instead of the formation of mind and spirit that will prepare young people for a fulfilled and happy life. Our values enable everyone, whether they have a religious faith or not, to embrace life here at Worth. Such values are fundamental to the formation of who we become as people, which is why we place them at the centre of the education at Worth.

The pupils’ courteous and caring behaviour towards others, and their sensitive spiritual awareness of the world around them, reflect well their appreciation of the ethos of the Benedictine community. ISI Inspection Report

Our Values

HumilityHumility – keep your feet on the ground

HumilitySilence – listen more than you talk

HumilityWorship – have an attitude of gratitude

HumilityCommunity – choose community

HumilityStewardship – leave it better than you found it

HumilityService – serve your heart out

The first value we talk about is the need for us to keep our feet on the ground and to know our strengths and weaknesses. We believe that we grow in this value through listening more than we talk, being fully present to those around us and being thankful for them. This attitude of gratitude leads us to understand that we are dependent on others and that we truly come to thrive in the context of community. We choose to live community every day by leaving our relationships and environment better than we found them and ultimately serving our hearts out at every given opportunity. 

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These values underpin our community life at Worth and all pupils and staff, whether they hold a religious faith or none, are asked to respect them.

Worth School welcomes its pupils into a Christ-centred educational community, to form them in humility for servant leadership in society. Our mission statement

Faith & Values
Faith & Values
Faith & Values