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An exciting appointment

Thu, Jan 26th, 2023
Worth School

At Worth, we pride ourselves on shaping individuals who are ready to make a unique contribution to the world through service to others.

The School’s mission is to create servant-hearted leaders and we do that through an education with heart and soul, founded on our six values which include service, community and stewardship.

In an exciting development at Worth, we have appointed a social outreach coordinator whose role it is to deliver on this mission, as well as overseeing charitable and outreach projects.

Mr Chris Wyles, a former Worth student who was until recently a Forerunner in the School’s Mission Team, has taken on this role and is excited about the challenges ahead.

He said: “As a key strategic goal for the school is to raise up servant-hearted leaders for society, through the Benedictine values, it is important that we develop an education framework which fosters a social conscience and a desire to give back to society.

“We will ask: how do you be a good person? Pupils will learn what it means to be servant-hearted leaders for society. We will do this by forming students in the value of service through education and action. A key element of this is the student leadership formation for Year 12 students.”

Worth already has an excellent record of supporting charities – either through individuals taking on challenges, through House initiatives or whole school fundraising. We also run a number of social outreach projects, which includes helping at various local primary schools and much more.

Mr Wyles, who is also a sports coach and a boarding House tutor in St Bede’s, hopes to build on this charitable and social outreach work. He added: “I am taking on the role from a position of strength due to what already goes on in the School and because of the values that are instilled in our pupils. I am very excited about what we can do going forward.”

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