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Although the Rule of St Benedict was written some 1,500 years ago for religious communities, it is a clear and practical guide for the complexities of 21st century living. Within our Benedictine ethos we discover how to structure community living which enables the individual to find personal strength, success and contentment whilst also establishing a genuinely supportive environment.

"Pupils' courteous and caring behaviour towards others, and their sensitive spiritual awareness of the world around them, reflect well their appreciation of the ethos of the Benedictine community." ISI Inspection 2017.

At Worth we recognise that everyone in our community is on a personal spiritual journey. By a positive approach to community living, we aim to enable all pupils and staff to develop their gifts and talents so that they are equipped to fulfil their unique purpose in the world.

Worth welcomes its pupils into a Christ-centred community to form them in humility for servant leadership in society. Pupils and staff are able to derive inspiration from our Six Values:

  • Community – choose community
  • Worship – have an attitude of gratitude
  • Humility – keep your feet on the ground
  • Stewardship – leave it better than you found it
  • Service – serve your heart out
  • Silence – listen more than you talk

These values underpin our community life at Worth and all pupils and staff, whether they hold a faith or none, are asked to respect them.

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