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Double the love for Mary's Meals

Tue, Jan 26th, 2021
Worth School

Since 2017 Worth School has been helping the charity Mary's Meals by supporting the Farsee Korma Public School in Liberia, with money we have raised ensuring every child has a meal every day they attend school.

It costs £15.90 to feed a child for a whole school year through Mary’s Meals and money we have previously raised for the charity through various initiatives means we will continue to help feed the 351 children attending the Farsee Korma Public School through to 2022.

Mary’s Meals is a charity dedicated to providing some of the world’s most underprivileged children one meal every day they attend school. The charity works in 15 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and is currently feeding 1,667,067 children around the world thanks to sponsors like Worth School. Perhaps more than ever, they need support and as an incentive the government is matching any donations to Mary’s Meals up to £2 million until the end of January. So, every £15.90 pledged will feed TWO children for an entire year until the end of January.

If you feed you are able to help Mary’s Meals in these difficult times please go to https://www.marysmeals.org.uk/doublethelove

Thank you to everyone who has previously supported our fundraising initiatives.