We aim to provide a challenging and relevant ICT and Computing curriculum that prepares our students with the skills required for lifelong learning and the workplace. Our robust, broad and engaging programmes see students experience many facets of technology through discrete ICT lessons, whilst also encouraging an enriching programme of learning in all other aspects of school life. This includes the use of mobile telephones, laptops and tablets to support all of the academic and co-curricular aspects of school life.

Years 7, 8 and 9

Fortnightly classes for Key Stage 3 pupils focus on a fun and challenging curriculum that includes aspects of e-safety, web design, animations, video editing, spreadsheets, advanced presentation software, FLOWOL, databases and desktop publishing. It also prepares them for Year 10 when they (optionally) start their GCSE (Cambridge Nationals qualification). Pupils are encouraged, where appropriate, to make full use of a range of different ICT resources in other curriculum subjects.

Years 10 and 11

All pupils have five periods a fortnight and take ICT at GCSE in the form of a Cambridge Nationals qualification. This challenging curriculum provides students with a range of ICT skills for the workplace and covers a broad theory syllabus too.

Sixth Form

ICT is a popular choice at A Level, allowing students to enhance their skills and knowledge in preparation for further study. The ICT course develops pupils’ awareness of the crucial role ICT plays in the management, manipulation and dissemination of information. Pupils study a body of knowledge, gain experience of specific skills and examine a number of unique principles that constitute the ever changing definition of ICT and its role in our society. Coursework components seek to provide an opportunity for pupils to apply and test their theoretical understanding in ‘real’ contexts by designing and building information systems that solve realistic problems.