Biology is concerned with the natural world of plants, animals and micro-organisms. The interdependence of different organisms is a key feature of the modern subject and the complex ethical issues and scientific breakthroughs in the news headlines frequently have Biology at their core.

At Worth Biology is taught from Year 9 as an interesting, exciting and relevant subject through a range of learning activities. The Biology department is proud of its beautiful, modern laboratories. To enhance learning, these are well equipped with SmartBoard, visual presenter, video and computer, plus other equipment including build-your-own DNA models.

Years 9, 10 & 11

From Year 9 all students study IGCSE Biology as a separate science, following the triple award course when at the end of the year they have the option to choose double award. Biology is introduced as an interesting, exciting and relevant subject worth engaging with in pursuit of personal understanding of the living world and our responsibility for its stewardship.

The IGCSE Biology course is a linear course with plenty of scope for practical work, from growing microorganisms to heart dissection. There is an exam paper at the end of the course for those who opt to pursue Biology as part of double Science in Years 10 and 11. There are two exam papers for those who opt for separate Sciences. Practical skills are assessed through these papers so there is no practical coursework.

In Year 10, those who opt for separate Science participate in the national Biology Challenge competition, which stretches their knowledge. Biology trips at this level include visits to Kew Gardens and the Science Museum.

Sixth Form

Biology is offered to students from a range of academic profiles, either as an A Level subject or as a Standard or Higher Level component of the IB course. We follow the AQA specification at A Level which covers many different aspects of the subject including bacteria and intestinal disease, DNA and diversity and also biochemistry.

The IB course gives a breadth of knowledge, but includes the opportunity to study two topics in greater depth and to consider the theory of scientific knowledge. Both courses are rich in practical content and one of the highlights of the IB course is the residential field trip to a Field Studies Council Centre in Somerset to investigate a range of environments. The most able Sixth Formers are encouraged to tackle the Biology Olympiad and our proximity to London offers opportunities to attend specialist lectures and revision courses. Wakehurst Place and its world famous seed bank are a short drive away.

In the Sixth Form we also offer further support including preparation for UKCAT and BMAT.

Dr Peter Scott

Dr Peter Scott