Boys and girls join Worth either at age 11+ (Year 7), at 13+ (Year 9), or at 16+ (Year 12). A few places are offered for admission at age 12+ (Year 8) or at 14+ (Year 10). The admissions processes vary according to age and are detailed on the relevant links on the 'Process' page.

Admissions at all ages are conditional on the successful completion of Worth's own assessment tests, current school references and interviews. Those intending to join Worth are expected to support and be comfortable with our Catholic and Benedictine foundation and character but no applicant will be treated less favourably during the application process or during assessment on the grounds of their skin colour, race, nationality or ethnic or national origin, gender, religious faith, disability, orientation, or socio-economic group.

Admissions Demographics

Worth has a special mix of boarders and day pupils, girls and boys, joining at different ages from a very wide variety of state and private schools, and with many on means-tested scholarships and bursaries.

Some 60% of the girls and boys are boarders, most coming from London and the Home Counties, in particular Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent, and others from overseas. Day boys and girls come from within an hour or so radius around Worth, and the School runs buses on a number of different routes. Click here for more information on bus routes.

Around 30% of the boys and girls were born or live (as expats) overseas, principally in the EU. Over 30 nationalities are represented in the School, including American, Australian, Austrian, Belgian, Brazilian, Canadian, Chilean, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, French, German, Hong Kongese, Indian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Macanese, Nigerian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Singaporean, South African, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, Taiwanese, Tanzanian, Ukranian, Zimbabwean.

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