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Worth School

Day pupils are fully involved in the whole life of the school.

Pupils, parents and staff wax lyrical about the community spirit. With every individual valued, and every achievement recognised, Worth feels like one big family. Tatler Schools Guide

There are five senior day Houses, and Austin House is a co-educational House for pupils in Years 7 to 8 (ages 11-13). Each House is situated in its own accommodation which includes both social and private study spaces, as well as kitchen facilities, for the pupils.

Each day House is under the leadership of a Housemaster or Housemistress who, supported by their deputy, has overall responsibility for the pupils’ pastoral care and welfare. In addition, every pupil is assigned a personal tutor with whom they meet at least three times a week, and very often more than this, to review and support their academic progress, and every House also has a Chaplain and a Matron who manages the domestic affairs of the House and who also provides further invaluable pastoral support.

Day pupils are fully engaged in the life of Worth School, including all activities on offer for boarders in the evening and at the weekend if they wish, and around half the boys and girls at Worth are day pupils. Our Monday to Friday academic timetable is designed to offer day pupils more flexibility – for example, to commit to their out-of-school interests and activities on Saturday mornings instead of coming into school if they so wish. However, Saturday mornings continue to be packed with enriching opportunities for those day students who wish to come to school, including an exciting and choice-filled programme of activities, games, masterclasses and extra revision, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and opportunities for service in the community, as well as compulsory sports fixtures against other schools.

Flexible boarding options are available for day boys, with flexi options for day girls in Year 9 being made available in September 2024. 

Most day pupils live within one hour of the School and Worth has a fleet of minibuses to pick up and drop pupils from set locations from London and around the South East – click here to see transport routes.

Boarding Houses Day Houses
Gervase House (ages 13- 18: boys) Austin House (ages 11- 13: boys & girls)
Rutherford House (ages 13- 18: boys) Butler House (ages 13- 18: boys)
St Bede’s House (ages 13- 18: boys) Chapman House (ages 13- 18: boys)
St Mary’s (Middle) House (ages 13- 16: girls) Farwell House (ages 13- 18: boys)
St Mary’s (Sixth) House (ages 16- 18: girls) St Anne’s House (ages 13 - 18: girls)
St Catherine’s House (ages 13- 18: girls)