Austin House
at Worth


Austin House is a friendly and welcoming house which is a crucial stepping stone for pupils as they transition to a senior school environment. Whilst we consider ourselves to be part of the main school, Austin House can promote a positive, safe and inclusive environment allowing Year 7 and 8 pupils to flourish as part of a close and happy community.

We are the only co-ed House in the School and have a capacity of around 80 pupils. The boarding pupils are currently based in Junior Rutherford, but use Austin House for socialising during the day. We eat lunch as a House in our own dining room each day and we hold regular House activities and social events.

Mrs Myfanwy Bournon (pictured with students below) took over as Housemistress in January 2020. Mrs Bournon, who also teaches English, joined Worth from Brighton Girls, where she was Head of Lower School and Head of House.

Mrs Minu Chaudhuri is the Head of Year 8. Minu is married to Raj, our cricket coach, and their daughter Nikki was a pupil at Worth School who is now at university. Nikki plays county level cricket as well as having represented Worth School in the 1st XI. Minu has worked at Worth for 16 years. She has been a matron, taught in the learning support department, run the activities programme in the School and currently runs the weekend activities programme.

Miss Kate Reynolds will be Head of Year 7 (maternity cover) for 2019-20. Kate has been a popular House tutor in Austin for the last two years. She teaches Biology and Games, and has been a top level hockey player.

Mrs Siobhan Isaacs is also a key member of the Austin House team. She has worked in the PE and Games department for six years. She has taught academic PE and her passion is hockey, which she has played at national level. She is married to Andrew and they are in the process of growing a family. Siobhan has been a tutor, then Deputy Housemistress responsible for junior girls and is now Assistant Director of Sport.

House chaplains attend Austin house every morning, interacting with the children and offering additional pastoral support. There is also a team of tutors who provide excellent pastoral and academic support to the children.

Austin has a strong House team to support the children and to ensure a smooth integration into life at Worth. The students are motivated to do well in a relaxed atmosphere and are taught to respect each other in daily life. They are treated with care and compassion at all times.

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