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Chemistry comes to life

Fri, Nov 24th, 2023
Worth School

Year 12 Chemistry students enjoyed an enlightening day as they attended a ‘Chemistry in Action’ event at the Emmanuel Centre in London.

The day included a series of interesting lectures suitable for young adults with the aim of enthusing them further in this subject

The students greatly enjoyed the lectures which were titled:

  • Emerging minds in chemistry
  • Amazing Atoms: Nuclear Science Can Change the World
  • From Enemies of Eden to Neglected Tropical Disease – New Approaches for Snake Bite Diagnosis
  • Waste Crime: How Chemical Forensics Might Solve Our Big Waste Problem
  • Examination Success for Sixth Form Students

Worth runs a number of trips throughout the year which support academic learning. Sixth Form Physics students recently enjoyed a ‘Physics in Action’ day at the Emmanuel Centre and there is a Biology equivalent which the School will be attending next Tuesday.

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