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Celebrating IB Diploma success

Thu, Sep 28th, 2023
Worth School

Congratulations to one of our class of 2023 IB Diploma students, Johanna von Grone, who achieved an excellent 43 points out of a possible 45 in this summer’s examinations, putting her among the top 3% globally.

Worth is one of the UK’s leading schools for the IB Diploma, having offered it since 2002 and with up to one third of Sixth Form students studying it.

It has been great over the years to see the sheer numbers of students both enjoying the course and achieving high grades. We spoke to Johanna about her results, how Worth helped her, her time at the School and her plans for the future.

What IB score did you achieve? I received an IB score of 43 with a 6 in German A and a 7 in English B, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics.

How did you feel when you got your results? I was shocked when opening my results; the stress I had accumulated and the effort I had put into studying finally proved its worth. Receiving results that were more satisfactory than expected was a relief. 

How did Worth help you achieve those results? Worth has offered me an incredible environment to flourish, which enabled me to have fun in school by not simply focusing on studying but also giving me an opportunity to continue doing sport and seeing my friends. This in turn enabled me to be able to fully focus on working effectively. Additionally, the teachers were an incredible support for my grades, offering me support, even outside the normal teaching hours in school and in the boarding house. 

How much have you enjoyed your time at Worth? For the last three years at Worth, I was given the opportunity to experience incredible things and make amazing friendships that I will remember for life. Worth allowed me to try so many new things and encouraged me to pursue my interests both in and outside the classroom.

What are you hoping to do next? I am now starting my gap year before going to university the following year. In my gap year, among other things I will be learning Spanish in Madrid and teaching children hockey in Buenos Aires. Afterwards, I am keen to go to university, however I am still deciding on my chosen course; maybe Economics or Biochemistry.

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