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‘Modern careers guidance is as much about inspiration and aspiration as it is about advice' – Careers guidance and inspiration for young people in schools, Department for Education, March 2015 

"Pupils leave the school as self-confident young adults ready for the next challenge." ISI Inspection 2017.

Effective career guidance helps young people develop the knowledge, the skills and the confidence to make informed choices about their futures. At Worth, we work to help students develop their values and beliefs, their personal qualities and academic strengths as they find their vocation in life. We want to inspire all our students to be ambitious, to aim high in the decisions that they are making for their future lives. From the outset, the School offers a dynamic context in which our youngsters are preparing themselves for the world beyond Worth - in the questions that they are stimulated to ask in the classroom, in the opportunities for service and for leadership, in contacts with teachers and tutors, in the high quality pastoral support they receive. Our Careers and Higher Education programme empowers young people to build on their dreams and aspirations, in preparation for successful professional lives.

Our Careers Programme offers a comprehensive and personalised service to every student, with the following aims:

  • To raise aspiration and ambition;
  • To empower students through self-knowledge and an understanding of the factors that shape their career choices;
  • To ensure that all students have the same quality of support and guidance, irrespective of gender, educational profile, background, ethnicity, etc;
  • To enable students to respond appropriately to the fast-changing world of learning, training and employment;
  • To help students develop the employability skills that they will need to take their place in the workplace;
  • To inform and empower every student in order to enhance her/his chances of professional fulfilment and success.

For further information about careers guidance click here.

Our 'Careers by Design, Getting a Job' booklet is a useful resource.

Our Director of Careers and Higher Education is Ms Amanda Brookfield.

Our Head of Careers is Dr Duncan Pring.

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