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Bringing learning to life

Mon, Nov 14th, 2022
Worth School

At Worth we try to bring learning to life and Junior School pupils had great fun while finding out more about the period of History they are currently studying.

Pupils in Year 7 have been studying the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings, and will move on to the Norman Conquest and the significance of the Battle of Hastings. In a recent lesson they held an election campaign through which they asserted their candidate’s suitability and right to the English throne in 1066.

Each group had five minutes to present to the class and they put forward their cases in a variety of ways, including playing music, creating a rap, making posters and badges, dressing up, baking cakes and coming up with a slogan to support the case of the candidate they were representing, which was either Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardrada King of Norway or William Duke of Normandy.

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