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Bringing history to life

Tue, Jun 27th, 2023
Worth School

Pupils in Year 9 enjoyed a fantastic History workshop on the First World War as part of our activities week in the final week of term.

Lance Corporal Mike Everest and Russel Spicer, from Portals to the Past, brought history to life as they gave pupils the opportunity to handle artefacts from the war including a Lee Enfield rifle and a Brodie helmet. Pupils then completed an authentic First World War drill, practised grenade throwing (not with live grenades of course!) and had a stretcher-bearer race. There was also time for bayonet fighting and an obstacle course modelled on the Western Front.

Year 9 pupil Thea said: “It was so fun to immerse yourself in what we are learning and to go beyond the textbook.”

Curtis added: “I had so much fun and learned new military skills.”

The day was the culmination of Year 9’s study of the 20th century this year. Their History lessons have taken them from the First World War to the Russian Revolution, Nazi Germany, civil rights in the USA, global independence movements and the Cold War.

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