Rutherford House
at Worth


Rutherford House is the oldest and most traditional building in the School, which was originally the old Cowdray Estate Manor, at the centre of the School campus. The Victorian style of building gives it a more homely atmosphere for its pupils.

Mr Liam Richman (pictured below in Rutherford) took over as Rutherford Housemaster in January 2020. Mr Richman, who also teaches Mathematics, took up the role after two and a half years as Housemaster of Austin, the Junior House at Worth. Prior to that he was Head of Year 9. Mr Richman has a passion for sports and has participated in a variety at reasonable levels, including competing for Sussex in athletics and a achieving a black belt second dan in karate. Mr Richman is Housemaster to Years 7 to 13. Mrs Sue Cummins is Deputy Housemistress to Years 7 and 8.

Mr Ben Young is Deputy Housemaster to Years 9 to 13, Mr Matthew Doggett is the Boarding Tutor and Joe Fava is Rutherford Chaplain, supported by Fr Gabriel Dobson. Our Matron is Mrs Jane Sands, who does a superb job for all the ages in the House, and is also Assistant Housemistress to the Year 7 and 8 boys. Mr Jonathan Fry is Junior Rutherford Boarding Tutor.

Our aim is very simple and seems to work very well indeed, and that is to honour and respect each other, both pupils and staff alike. The students have a great appetite for success in House competitions which brings them closer and motivates them as a House, in addition to there being a calm sense about the place. As a result there is something of a more relaxed atmosphere where the pupils enjoy each other’s company.

Rutherford is full of different personalities and characters and the boys in the House are able to develop in their own way, in a comfortable, disciplined and caring environment that encourages individuality.