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Blue Stockings is a real triumph

Tue, Apr 30th, 2024
Worth School

Our Drama scholars’ production of Blue Stockings was a real triumph with students delivering some outstanding performances.

Taking to the stage for three nights in the Performing Arts Centre last week, the show highlighted how talented our students are as they transported us back in time to tell the story of four women who became some of the first female students to achieve admission into Cambridge University.

Set in 1896, during the height of the British Empire, an era of great socio-political change and reform was beginning to occur. The Girton girls, as they became known, studied ferociously and matched their male peers grade for grade, yet when the men graduated, the women left with nothing but the stigma of being a ‘blue stocking’ – an unnatural, educated woman. The play illuminated the brave sacrifices that these young women made in order to pave way to our right to education today.

Congratulations to all students involved in the production, both on stage and backstage.

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