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Blessing of the new chaplaincy

Tue, Mar 1st, 2016
Worth School

On Saturday 27th February a collection of Chaplains, pupils, staff and Friends of Worth assembled in the newly constructed Chaplaincy for its Blessing. Fr Peter led the heart-warming service which marked a turning point in the Chaplaincy's efforts, offering the space up to God.

Since the opening of the new Chaplaincy last term we have had four young people come in to work alongside us as students to help us develop our faith. These Forerunners have played a key part in this transformation and since their arrival they have emphasised the importance of evangelising within our community. Now with the Chaplaincy in the heart of the School campus this task has become easier than ever. The reading, Psalm 127, was a devout reminder of why the Chaplaincy's work is so important and how without the grace of God it means nothing.

Students spend most of their day a stone’s throw away from the welcoming Forerunners and Chaplains, and groups such as Oasis and Subiaco regularly meet in the room. Teacher of Religious Studies, Mr Marshall took over as organiser of the Subiaco movement at the beginning of the academic year and it has now spread across the School with pupils meeting for Lectio Divina on a weekly basis.

For myself and the other students, having the Chaplaincy in its new home has made it much easier to reach out to our colleagues given its central location. The added convenience has meant pupils do not have to go far to take time out from their busy day and reflect. The homely decor and unending supply of biscuits make the room very hospitable and the Forerunners are always there to have a chat or answer questions to do with one’s faith.

None of this would have been possible without the generous efforts of the Friends of Worth as the proceeds from their Summer Ball went towards the Chaplaincy.

The photograph shows Fr Peter on Saturday, next to the stunning icon of St Benedict. On it reads the first words of The Rule of St Benedict (written by the Bose Monastic community of northern Italy) – Obsculta o fili – Listen o son.

Report and photograph: Chaplaincy Prefect Luke Leszczar