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Beyond the Classroom

Worth School

The academic wider curriculum plays a key part in worth’s educational experience.

The Worth values put into perspective the importance of the co-curriculum and much of what is achieved in the formation of our pupils comes not from just the formal academic curriculum, but also from the wider experience of our academic and intellectual life: the interactions they have with teachers and with each other, and indeed their relationships with the wider world.

A huge range of opportunities for academic enrichment exist outside of the classroom in the School’s academic societies, lecture programmes, departmental trips and visits. We break down the barriers and distinctions between subject areas through our timetable structure so that a pupil will go from Further Maths to Forestry, from Robotics to Religious Studies, from Psychology to Sailing, seeing the common value between these areas of school life.

Much of our assessment in Junior School, Middle School and the Sixth Form is project-based and, in addition to this, we encourage all pupils to enter competitions and look for opportunities to specialise and develop their talents. All academic departments offer challenges and competitions, so that pupils always have opportunities to go far beyond the required curriculum content. Student-led publications and websites are very popular.

In the Sixth Form, many pupils study for their own independent project, whether the Extended Project Qualification (A Level) or the Extended Essay (IB Diploma). All Sixth Form students also attend Worth’s extensive lecture programme, during which notable guest speakers from a wide range of backgrounds inspire students with thoughts for future study, work and volunteering. The Academic Prefect Lecture Series is a programme of lectures and interactive workshops, organised by the students themselves, and open to all younger pupils. It aims to stimulate intellectual curiosity by introducing students to areas of study way beyond the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 curricula.

Academic scholarship beyond the classroom is outstanding. ISI Inspection Report

Beyond the classroom
Beyond the classroom