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Backstage stars

Tue, Mar 7th, 2023
Worth School

It is not just those on stage who play a big part in Drama productions at Worth – a team of pupil technicians contribute to each show and are just as valued as the cast.

As part of our outstanding Drama provision at the School, we offer the technical side of theatre which can form part of the GCSE Drama course or just be enjoyed as a co-curricular activity.

Under the guidance of our theatre manager, Mr Giovanni Manno, pupils take leading backstage roles, learning about sound, lighting, stage preparation and design, plus how to make cue sheets.

Pupils will get involved with this aspect of theatre for different reasons. Take Year 9 boys Blake and Ben, for example. Not everyone feels confident enough to be on stage but some like Blake wanted to be involved with theatre in some capacity; Ben, meanwhile, loves acting but was keen to learn about the technical side of things as well.

Both love what they do and both know they are making a valuable contribution to the Drama department. Ben, who has experience of being front and backstage, quipped: “You can’t see the actors if you don’t turn the lights on!”

He continued: “I have always been interested in theatre and did quite a bit before coming here. When I came to Worth I did a lot of work in the recording studio and one of the teachers recommended that I got involved with the technical side.

“I still act in Inspire (Worth’s drama scholars) which I love to do and I wouldn’t want to give up that. The technical option gives me another option to be involved and I can do that with the older productions where I wouldn’t be able to act, like Little Shop of Horrors.

“As part of the GCSE course at Worth you are able to blend both aspects.

“I would say to anyone thinking about it, just throw yourself in to do it. If you don’t want to get involved with the big productions at first, you can get involved with things like Live Lounge and House Music.”

Blake added: “I didn’t feel I wanted to get involved in acting but I wanted to get involved in some way.

“Even if you have zero experience of theatre, the Drama department is amazing and so welcoming. Whatever your ability, they will give you an opportunity and will help you with what you have to do. I would say to anyone else, even if you feel outside your comfort zone, just do it.”

Being involved with the technical side of theatre of Worth has presented great opportunities to both boys. Ben, for example, was involved with our charity show, West End to Worth, which meant him working with a number of professional actors and singers, including Brian Conley.

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