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From the Armed Forces to the big screen

Thu, Nov 30th, 2023
Worth School

After 22 years in the Armed Forces, Worthian Mick Cataldo is now making a documentary about veterans who sustained life changing injuries in Afghanistan.

Mick has got involved as executive producer for the documentary Once We Were Warriors, a veteran-led initiative to acknowledge the 10th anniversary of the end of combat operations in Afghanistan, where 457 British Service personnel were killed and 7,800 sustained life changing injuries.

Having been in St Bede’s while at Worth, Mick’s first foray into television and film was with a Ministry of Defence initiative. He explained: “It is here I became passionate about telling authentic stories that reach those that would otherwise have nothing to do with the Armed Forces.”

Once We Were Warriors follows Afghanistan veterans using the restorative power of skiing to address trauma and their personal struggles. The project also raises awareness of military charities.

Mick, who left Worth in 1997, said: “My time at Worth was formative. The comradery and catholic philosophy subtly engendered at the School set me up for a career of service in the Armed Forces.

“I am by no means staunchly Catholic, but I know Worth reinforced a moral compass that has served me well in some pretty testing times during my 22-year military career.”

Worth likes to keep in touch and hear what former students are up to in their lives, and we run regular articles featuring alumni.

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