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Annual Fund

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Worth School

The annual fund supports smaller day-to-day projects for all pupils.

Each year, Worth identifies projects for the Annual Fund that will significantly impact the educational and recreational experiences of our pupils.

Project highlights funded by our generous parents include:

  • Beehives and equipment for the apiary  
  • Medical wellbeing room  
  • Golf simulator 
  • Automated sound and light system for the theatre 
  • Mortising machine for Design and Technology 
  • A new digital piano 
  • Recording studio mixing desk for Drama and Music Technology  
  • Enhancing access to the Abbey Church with new doors 
  • Construction of the Quiet Garden path  

Please take a moment to look through the projects below for the 2023-24 Annual Fund. Whether you choose to support the Abbey and Chaplaincy, Science, the Learning Support Department, the Sports Department, Design and Technology, Music, Drama or bursaries, you will help Worth to thrive and grow and respond to the needs of our expanding community. 

Through the Annual Fund, there is the opportunity to direct a gift to the Bursary Fund. Donations to this fund have the power to change lives by creating the opportunities that an outstanding, life-changing education enables. 

Thank you for your consideration and support. All gifts are meaningful, gratefully received and collectively transformational.

Worth Abbey:

Abbey Choir Robes (£14,000)

Abbey Choir Robes

This project seeks to expand Worth Abbey’s stock of choir robes, to increase participation and to welcome more adult members into the choir. Each person in the choir needs one cassock and one white surplice. The Abbey Choir is a wonderful way for parents to meet other parents and really become key members of the Worth community – both while your children are at Worth, and after. 

Thanks to a generous donor, this project is now fully funded.

Worth Abbey and Chaplaincy:

Projectors for Abbey and Chaplaincy activities (£14,000)

Abbey Projectors

Our school acts of worship and the Abbey Church are central to our community life at Worth School and key to providing education with 'heart and soul'. In recent months, we have experimented with enhancing engagement with worship using projectors in the church. For example, we projected images of the Stations of the Cross onto the walls of the church during Lent. We have also projected hymns and Mass responses which have improved participation by lifting heads and voices away from pew sheets and hymn books. To continue with this, we need to upgrade the old projectors we experimented with, to portable, discreet projectors which will not impact visually on the aesthetics of the Abbey Church. The new projectors would also be used by the Abbey and for other Chaplaincy activities such as retreats. 

St Bruno's:

Development of Garden and Social Area (£5,000)

St Bruno's garden

By purchasing new garden furniture and plants, this project would enhance a young person's stay at St Bruno's by giving them a place outdoors to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the retreat centre and give them a place for reflection. The seating will enable us to offer another dimension to a guest’s stay. During summer months, we will be able to tailor our hospitality offer to engage more with young people by way of alfresco eating while relaxing in beautiful surroundings. Being outside is good for everyone' s wellbeing and mental health and this project would increase the use of this outdoor space.  


Science storage unit (£1.500)

Science storage unit

A much-needed new storage unit would support the Science department by storing vital gardening tools and equipment, used in Biology, across the curriculum and with the co-curricular gardening club.  

Learning Support:

The Hub (£10,000)

Wellbeing hub

This project will redesign and upgrade one of our learning support department spaces into a modern, neutral and calming space. This newly refurbished room, with updated IT, furniture, flooring, décor and lighting would support student wellbeing and mental health and enhance learning. Any funds raised will support the refurbishment of an existing room and enhance our learning support provision. (The image displayed is an example of inspiration for the room, but not the exact design intended.) 


Specialist video cameras (£3,300)

Sport video camera

With the purchase of two specialist video cameras for the golf studio, coaching provision will be enhanced by enabling detailed swing analysis in combination with swing data from Trackman. The addition of cameras and analysis software will take our already superb golf studio to the next level for all our golfers from beginners to aspirational pros. 

Design and Technology:

Spot Welder (£1,300)

Design and Technology spot welder

A new metal work machine will increase our department’s curriculum offering. GCSE and A Level pupils will be able to enhance their Design and Technology projects with the purchase of this new machine. 


Fitted instrument storage (£18,000)

Musical instrument storage

This bespoke musical instruments storage will be designed for instruments of varying sizes with individual lockers. The Music department's vision for the pupils’ instrument storage room and music corridor will have an immediate positive impact on the teaching spaces in music and the pupil experience. 

Music Technology:

Cubase Pro Digital Audio Workstation Software (£2,700)

Music technology software

By the end of this academic year, we will have moved entirely from using Macs to using PCs in the Music department as our computers for Music Technology, so that we are using consistent technology with the rest of the School. This has necessitated switching Music Tech software because Apple’s Logic Pro X that we previously used is not available for PC. We are currently running the student version of Cubase as our Digital Audio Workstation and are finding that whilst this is sufficient for beginner-intermediate students doing Music Tech as an activity, it lacks the professional features and sound libraries that Music Tech A Level students and advanced students doing the Music Tech activity require. This donation would allow us to purchase enough licences to run the professional version of Cubase on our new Recording Studio PC (to be purchased this year) and on five PCs in our Music PC room, along with sufficient licences to run Arturia’s professional V Collection and FX Collection instrument and studio effect libraries. We have increased student uptake of A Level Music Technology this year and growing interest in the lower years, and we want to build on that by ensuring that we have the correct tools to encourage students to pursue the subject, including successfully at A Level. 


Lighting Desk (£13,100)

Drama lighting desk

The Drama department needs a new lighting desk for our upcoming shows. This equipment is crucial for all performances and is the key to lighting set up. The industry-leading lighting desk control tool that we are hoping to purchase is used in many West End theatres and around the world, as it is approachable yet powerful for programmers of every level. Students would benefit by learning these lighting desk skills as it could lead to job opportunities in the real world. Each student would have the software on their laptops so they can experiment and practise, draw their lantern schedule ahead of their exams and visualize the lighting plot and cues on an augmented 3D programming and visualization window. The new desk would implement timecode and automation integration for precise time cueing and enables a multi-user and multi-programmer working environment, so that more students can work on the desk at the same time.


Worth School Bursary Fund

Annual Fund

Central to our mission, ethos and values, bursaries have the power to transform lives and we ask you to join us in supporting this meaningful campaign. Donations to the Bursary Fund create the chance of providing an outstanding, life-changing education to someone who would not otherwise have this opportunity.

Benefits: Bursary recipients, their families and the whole school community.


The St Bruno’s Bursary Fund

The St Bruno’s Bursary Fund

This Fund supports the Abbey’s youth retreat programme, which offers hospitality to groups that would like to engage with the spirituality and rhythm of prayer found at the monastery. The Fund contributes to paying youth workers to run residential retreats for teenagers and young adults (the only such programme in our Diocese of Arundel and Brighton) and subsidises the cost for participants.

Benefits: Young people who want to explore their spirituality.


Unrestricted Gift

Annual Fund

Want to make a donation but can't decide which project to support? Make a donation which will be allocated to the project of greatest need.