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Alumni Society

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Worth School

Worth society is the school’s alumni association.

Worth Society is the School’s alumni association.

My internship (and subsequent career) would not have happened without the help of Worth Society, and demonstrates the great strength of the Worthian network.

Worth Connecting

Worth Connecting is Worth’s own online platform which provides a safe and easy-to-use space for all members of Worth Society to re-connect with former classmates, make new connections, find mentors and sign up to a rich and varied programme of events and activities.

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Careers and networking

All members of Worth Society can benefit from the expertise of the Worth community. The Society’s network of Old Worthian professionals, including parents (both past and present), help Worth pupils and OWs with a whole range of careers support, networking and mentoring links.

Social scene

Worth Society runs an ever-expanding series of events for Old Worthians to catch up, meet new people and network socially and for business purposes. Our career-focused events include professional lunches and careers networking events in London. The Society also hosts an annual carol service, an annual Mass and supper, and various dinner and decade reunions in London, at Worth and also overseas.

Sporting life

Worth Society supports a whole range of Old Worthian sports clubs, for the experienced and less experienced, with fixtures in London, around the country and at Worth. Current clubs include cricket, football, golf, netball, rugby, squash and real tennis.

Pastoral support

Bruised Reeds was established to offer confidential support to those who may have fallen on hard times. This includes those who have fallen foul of the law, the mentally ill, the heavily addicted, the miserably lonely or an Old Worthian who just wants support. Bruised Reeds offers no money but does have helpers dotted around the world standing by to help an Old Worthian in trouble.

Spiritual links

All Old Worthians are most welcome to come back at any time and join the monastic community to worship in the Abbey Church. Worth’s Open Cloister offers a broad programme of residential retreats for young people and families of all faiths.

To contact the Worth Society click here.

Alumni Society
Alumni Society
Alumni Society