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Alumni in the News: Joshi Herrmann

Thu, Jun 17th, 2021
Worth School

In our latest Alumni in the News feature we meet Joshi Herrmann, an accomplished journalist who has started a new form of local news publishing with online newsletters in Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool.

Joshi Herrmann has been making a name for himself as a journalist ever since he left Worth to study History at Cambridge where he became the first editor of a flourishing student news site called The Tab. After four years writing at The London Evening Standard, Joshi was drawn back to Tab Media to work in New York on the US extension of a site which now covers over 80 universities internationally.

Last year Joshi, who was in Rutherford and left in 2005, decided to try something revolutionary and founded a high-quality subscription-based online newsletter in Manchester called The Mill, publishing stories about the Greater Manchester area. He explained: “I thought there was a need for it, because regional newspapers and local newspapers have shrunk a lot in the past decade and therefore the types of journalism that they used to publish have been stripped out – the culture writing, the opinion writing, the features, the bits of journalism bringing a lot of richness to people’s lives”.

The Mill has proved a “good early indicator” of interest in this approach, with 900 people already paying £7 per month since paid subscriptions went live in late September. People can also sign up to get some stories for free, with almost 13,000 on the email list. Joshi is delighted to have now received funding from the US newsletter platform Substack to spread his new style newsletters to another two cities through the Sheffield Tribune and Liverpool Post.

He hopes to prove readers would pay for “thoughtful and nuanced local storytelling, adding more in-depth journalism that isn’t based on press releases or social media posts but is actually based on speaking to people, getting documents, taking photographs and documenting what’s happening in these amazing and very different cities”.

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