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Alumni in the News: James Longman

Thu, Feb 25th, 2021
Worth School

Former Worth student James Longman, now foreign correspondent for ABC News, has been on the roof of the Notre Dame in Paris to deliver a report on the restoration effort at the iconic cathedral.

Two years after a fire reduced much of the historic Notre Dame to rubble, James went behind the scenes for a fascinating look at the gargantuan task ahead for restorators.

Worth has been delighted to follow the career of James, who was in Butler House and left in 2005. In November he won the prestigious David Bloom Award at the 2020 Radio and TV Correspondents’ Association Awards in the US, for his investigative reporting on LGBT abuses in Chechyna.

In a piece for Worth Knowing, the school magazine, in November 2019, James said: “What I took most from Worth is that while it is good to develop abilities and to celebrate success, actually what really matters is the person you become and the meaningful relationships you create. The rest is a happy by-product. I really believe any success I have had at work only really comes from the human skills that were nurtured in me when I was young.”

To watch James’s report on the rebuilding of Notre Dame click here.