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By royal appointment

Thu, Nov 10th, 2022
Worth School

The new cypher for Camilla, Queen Consort has been revealed and we were thrilled to learn that it was created by Worthian Ewan Clayton.

Ewan, who was in Chapman House and left in 1974, is a calligrapher, teacher and writer who grew up near the village of Ditchling, home to the calligrapher Edward Johnston. Upon leaving school, Ewan trained as a calligrapher at the Roehampton Institute and then came back to Worth with the aim of becoming a monk. After leaving the Monastery he was hired as a consultant to Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Laboratory.

Today Ewan is Professor in Design at the University of Sunderland and a key member of staff at The Royal Drawing School. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Reading and The Cooper Union, New York City, and was awarded an MBE in 2014 for his services to calligraphy. As the country’s leading authority in his field, he recently advised The British Library on ‘Writing: Making your Mark’, an exhibition that explored 5,000 years of writing from hieroglyphs to emojis.

Ewan said he was most honoured to have been involved with the design of the Queen Consort’s cypher. He explained: “It was wonderful to be asked to do this. I presented Her Majesty with nine possibilities and this was the one she chose.”

On the project, Ewan collaborated with his friend, Timothy Noad, who is a heraldic painter and who designed the monogram for our new King Charles III. Ewan added: “I felt doing the crown was a bit beyond me, so he did that!”

Many congratulations to Ewan.

* Main photograph by Roger Bamber.

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