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Alumni in the News: Ellen Brownings

Thu, Apr 22nd, 2021
Worth School

Former Head Girl Ellen Brownings still holds the School close to her heart and she recently launched a series of podcasts featuring members of the Worth community, past and present. Read on for our latest Alumni in the News feature.

Ellen left Worth in 2018, having been in St Anne’s, and is currently in her final year at York University studying Accounting, Business, Finance and Management.

This year she has been putting together a podcast series titled ‘Worth A Listen’ where she talks in depth with Worthians about their lives and achievements, and what has shaped them into the people they are today. Among those she has interviewed so far are journalist Louise Moon, student campaigner Bella Enoizi, former Royal Marine Fr Peter Williams and ‘wilderness medic’ Daniel Grace.

On her podcast website page, Ellen explains the thinking behind the series: “Mindsets are moulded by different experiences throughout an individual’s personal and professional journey. I’m going to be talking to members of the Worth Community, past and present, to better understand who these people are, what they have achieved, and the things they have learnt along the way.”

The interviews are fascinating and can be heard by going to: https://anchor.fm/worth.a.listen  Further podcasts will follow over the next few weeks.

Worth Society is the School’s thriving alumni association that enables former pupils and staff to stay in touch with one another for business and social networking purposes, providing careers advice, support and lifelong guidance.