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Academic prefects play important role

Tue, Feb 6th, 2024
Worth School

Academic prefects play an important role in ensuring fellow students gain the most they can from an education at Worth.

As well as being role models to the rest of the student body, our academic prefects provide support and guidance in all aspects of academic life, they mentor younger pupils in their specialist areas and also give pupils a voice, feeding back to the academic leadership team with comments and suggestions about how teaching and learning can further develop.

These are key roles and academic prefects are chosen each year following a leadership formation course and based on their own achievements at the School.

We are proud of the support system we have at Worth and how invested our academic prefects are in their roles. We asked this year's academic prefects how they each see their role …

Johanna: “As an academic prefect, it is our task to motivate the younger and new students, in particular, to provide the best possible performance. In doing so, we form the link between the academic team of teachers and the students. We act as a contact person and mouthpiece in order to constantly optimise academic training. This with the aim that all students can achieve the best possible degree. As mentors, we are the point of contact for students in their respective academic disciplines. In addition, it is important that all students know that they can always get help if they have any questions and that they can contact us at any time. Since we are still students ourselves, we can empathise with the situation and provide all the support needed.”

Freya: “We strive to make sure everyone feels comfortable and at ease when approaching academia at Worth. My role is to mentor, guide and provide the necessary help for peers to get through an eventful academic year. Our aim is to be approachable for all year groups as we have been through every stage so are able to give advice and everyone can benefit.”

Isaac: “I think the role of an academic prefect is an important one. It is a student representation of the School’s academic achievements and provides a role for students to aspire to. Being a prefect embodies all school values but ‘Worship’ is a key one. Firstly, being grateful to have the role but also grateful to be able to support students of all years in whatever area of academics that excites them. I hope to help any students that would like the aid.”

Jan: “Academic prefects are like friendly guides, here to help you make the most of school. We have been through the same things you are going through, so if you ever need advice or have questions, just ask – we are here for you!”

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