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Academic excellence celebrated

Wed, Jun 29th, 2022
Worth School

Congratulations to all our academic subject prize winners in Years 7 to 12.

The final assembly of the Summer Term provided an opportunity to celebrate academic effort, endeavour and achievement through the giving of subject prizes.

Mrs Alice McNeill, Deputy Head (Academic), spoke about the importance of resilience, intellectual risk taking and learning from both success and more challenging times. She encouraged all pupils to reflect on their academic achievements, great and small, over the past year. The small achievements, whether making a point in class, tackling a difficult concept, improving upon a grade or helping out friends, would all inevitably add up in time to greater successes in the future.

Mrs McNeill added: “All pupils should be so proud of how far they had come this year. On behalf of all of the teachers at Worth, I congratulate them and wish them a wonderful summer.”

Here is a selection of pictures of some, but not all, of the prize winners. Well done to all the winners.

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