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Academic achievement celebrated

Mon, Apr 3rd, 2023
Worth School

Academic achievement was celebrated in the final assembly of the Lent Term with awards to the new academic scholars, as well as subject prize awards and merit certificates.

The new academic scholars were awarded the Lucet Academic Scholars’ badge in recognition of academic excellence and curiosity. We look forward to seeing their achievements as they progress.

Subject prize awards and merit certificates were presented to recognise the achievement of pupils across all year groups. At Worth, effort is valued as highly as academic attainment as we recognise that the two very often go hand in hand and it is through effort that a real sense of achievement is possible. The subject prize awards and merit certificates epitomise the wisdom of St Benedict – ‘The school should be organised so that all have something to strive for, and nothing to run from.’

Here is a small selection of pictures from the academic awards last Friday. Congratulations to every pupil who received an award.

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