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A student's perspective on a fascinating lecture

British musician and psychologist Aric Sigman was the guest speaker at Friday’s Headway Lecture for Year 12 students, giving a fascinating talk on ‘Body Image’. Here, one of our students has written a personal piece following the talk:

‘If you like your body – get counselling, it’s not normal to like your body’. Low self-confidence and body monitoring has become the latest trend thanks to social media and photoshop. Both men and women, girls and boys, give in to the ‘psychological and physical killers’ of anorexia, ‘manorexia’, eating disorders and poor self-esteem.

I have learnt we need to realise that all bodies are different, all bodies change and all bodies are great! When did we decide that being a size 6 is better than being healthy? I think it is normal to compare yourself to others, but rather than ranking yourself and putting yourself down because ‘I’m not as skinny as her’, we should be celebrating our unique and healthy bodies.

Bulking on protein shakes and taking steroids is just as bad as binging on junk food and making yourself sick – these things do not make you ‘healthier’, ‘fitter’ or ‘more beautiful’, they are just false methods people use as they attempt to match what they see on their screens.

On the other side of the world where social media has less of an influence, people are celebrating ‘The bigger the better!’. This really made me realise that I waste so much time aspiring to be like someone or something else, when really we should be confident in our own skin and the way we look is a minor part of who we are. Maybe, we can form a new, radical society, where we judge each other on how kind, clever and caring we are, and promote a balanced diet and moderate exercise.

Written by Ellen Brownings Year 12

*Mr Sigman is pictured with some of the students at Friday’s lecture.