The German department is a small but thriving department within Modern Languages. The emphasis lies on enabling our pupils to become competent and self-reliant speakers of German. Bucking the national trend, the take-up of German at Worth School is firmly on the up.

There are two highly committed and enthusiastic teachers of German as well as an excellent German assistant for conversation lessons. Class sizes are smaller than average and the classroom atmosphere is very friendly. The German department regularly organises events and outings, including an annual Oktoberfest, Karnevalparty and Christmas celebrations, and puts on German plays. We are particularly proud of our unique Year 10 link with our partner school in Lahnstein, which has been running since 2012.

Years 7 & 8

Currently there is no provision for German in Year 7, but where possible we cater for bilingual students or students who have studied German before.

Year 9

The German course in Year 9 is a Beginners' course. The language is taught with a strong focus on oral expression in view of the fact that we want to see our pupils in a position to gain the most from, and feel absolutely comfortable about, their exchange stay in Germany at the end of Year 10.

Years 10 & 11

We currently use the Edexcel board for our IGCSE course and our goal is to put all our Germanists in a position where they can express most of their thoughts and ideas. The highly successful Year 10 exchange with the Johannesgymnasium in Lahnstein forms an integral part of our Year 10 curriculum. The pupils are hosted by extremely friendly local families and enjoy a very varied week-long programme of lessons, excursions, day trips to Cologne, Braubach, Boppard and Koblenz, as well as cultural outings.

Sixth Form

Students can take German as an International Baccalaureat (IB) or A Level subject.

At IB we offer Higher Level German classes for native speakers (Language A Literature) as well as non-native speakers (Language B). The focus of the German B course is on developing further their knowledge of German culture and society as well as their spoken proficiency.

At Higher Level they will also be introduced to German literature. The native speaker course combines the study of German literature with a socio-cultural analysis of language and how language changes over the centuries. Both are fascinating courses, much enjoyed by students and the teachers alike.

At A Level we follow the OCR specifications and use the Zeitgeist course. Similar to the IB, the students attend a conversation lesson once a week and the emphasis of the course is based on the acquisition of the German language through studying a variety of topics. From 2016 the German GCE course will be taught as a linear qualification.