French is one of the great Romance languages at Worth and we aim to teach it in a relevant context and in intellectually stimulating ways. Our classrooms are equipped with interactive SmartBoards and students make regular use of DVDs, magazines and literary books, available in the Library or in the department.

To help broaden students' linguistic experience, we offer work placements in France and an Aurillac Exchange (in the Auvergne region). There are also many other activities such as participating in the UK Linguistics Olympiad (a competition based on problem solving around languages for which Worth is very proud to have seen students being in the top 1% in 2011 and 2014) and the Juvenes Transladores (a European translation contest), along with drama and debating activities.

French for Years 7 to 9

Year 7 to 8 students are offered the opportunities to take part in the Love Languages Competition, an event developed as a motivational, extracurricular activity for students of French. Year 8 usually take part in the Junior Aurillac Exchange, when French children come to Worth for a week in May, while our students stay with the corresponding French families, where they participate in activities such as kayaking on the river Lot, visiting the Gouffre de Padirac and the pilgrimage town of Rocamadour, and go-karting. In recent years, we have also offered an alternative to the French exchange by taking Year 8 experience the Normandy area including a visit to the beautiful Mont Saint Michel. They also see a French play, which again enhances their language skills.

French for Years 10 to 11

The French department follows the Edexcel specification for iGCSE French which offers many opportunities to discover more about other French-speaking countries as well as their festivals and special days. The purpose of the tuition for Years 10 to 11 is for them to acquire solid foundations for further study of the language. In Year 11, the French assistant sees the students once a fortnight, to polish conversational skill.

French in the Sixth Form

At A Level, students are taught the OCR specification. All students have weekly classes to work on their spoken French with a native speaker, either in small groups or on a one-to-one basis (for Year 13). IB students may study French at Standard or Higher Level. Like the A Level students, they have access to weekly classes with a native speaker, specifically to build confidence with spoken French. Cinema and literature form an integral part of French studied in both courses.

During the year, students are offered the opportunity to take part in the Work Placement Scheme in Aurillac. They spend some time in a work place and are hosted by students from Lycée Emile Duclaux (with whom Worth has some strong ties).

In addition, Years 12 & 13 are offered opportunities to take part in the Regional French Debating Competition in February, preparing for it with the help of staff.