Economics is the practical application of economic theory to help with answering questions which arise in the operation of firms, markets and economies. It is concerned, too, with the desire to satisfy infinite wants with scarce resources.

Students on this course will need an ability to analyse and evaluate using a variety of sources of information to support their ideas, as well as a genuine and broad interest in the commercial world. Good grades in Mathematics and English GCSEs are essential and so too is commitment to taking responsibility for your own independent learning.  It is not a requirement to have studied GCSE Economics but it may help your progress.

AS/A2 Level

The AS/A Level course will enable you to develop knowledge, critical understanding and skills in analysing and evaluating economic and business situations.  The course combines the economic theory involved in macro and micro-economics with the analysis of business situations. This keeps the course up-to-date and relevant whilst still calling upon detailed economic and business theory. 

Assessment is in the form of end-of-unit examinations; there is no coursework.

As Information Technology is a major contributor to the operation of firms, markets and economies, it is incorporated into the course where relevant.  It may take the form of research though the Internet or CD-Rom material, spreadsheet analysis through Excel, or simulations on economic theory. Students will be taught how to use the school’s excellent IT facilities when it will aid their development and understanding.

International Baccalaureate Economics

Economics is available at both Higher and Standard levels as part of the IB course at Worth. At both levels, the course will enable you to develop knowledge, critical understanding and skills in analysing and evaluating economic and business situations.

Additional Information

All Sixth Form students taking Economics automatically become members of the Walter Monckton Society which invites speakers to talk on issues related to Economics, Business and Politics.As well as invitations to external speakers, there are other ways in which Economics is brought to life. There is an annual Year 12 trip to the City of London, attendance at student conferences, evening university lectures and other activities such as the Bank of England Target 2.0 Competition and the Young Enterprise Scheme.

University Opportunities and Careers

Economics is a subject which will act as a foundation for many careers. It is highly valued by many financial sector institutions and can lead to a career in both the public and private sectors. There are a wealth of courses with an Economics component listed on 

Mr Richard Phillips

Mr Richard Phillips